1. Seller upload the selling goods
2. Buyer take it with payment (Sellon keeps the fund until the deal is done; Escrow service)
3. Seller confirm the order & delivery (Buyer pay the Delivery fee)
4. Q express or Gogovan take care of delivery (Within 3 working days)
5. Buyer confirm the receive in 3 days (It will be confirmed after 3 days automatically)
6. Sellon transfer the fund to Seller's registered account, after deduct selling fee 3%('Protection' product only). (It takes 7 ~ 14days from the deal starts)

Please sign up and check your email to active your account—in case of email sign-up. If you still can’t sign it, please contact support@sellon.net

Go to Home -> Account (on the bottom right of the Main Page)
1. Buyer & Seller History
Check your on-going, completed, and historical transactions
2. Edit Profile
Revise your information such as full name, email, phone number, bank account, etc.
3. Change Password
4. Address List
We have multiple address options for delivery and item pick-up
5. Payment Method List
Register your credit/debit card number for your convenient purchase
6. Notification
Set your own conditions to get notified events

For now, you can use credit/debit cards such as Visa, Master, AMEX, JCB, DINERS, DISCOVER, UNIONPAY

Your credit/debit card number is well managed by our payment gateway, 2C2P, that observes PCI DSS compliances. And your bank account is also protected through encryption in our database.

Please go Home -> Account -> Buyer & Seller History to see your transaction details as a buyer or a seller.

There are two ways to print out your waybill:
1. check your registered email attached PDF or jpeg file and print.
2. check your chat room. Sellon Admin upload the jpeg waybill.
- You can simply attach the waybill printed on your product boxing.

You can sell your stuff in bulk. SellOn is going to take out yours with the reasonable price. If you plan to move out and want to leave the place empty-handed, SellOn is one of the best options you can choose.

Please visit SellOn home page, http://www.sellon.net , to contact us. (Facebook Page, WhatsApp, email: support@sellon.net)

You need to apply for the dropout emailing us at support@sellon.net. If you have an ongoing process we’ll let you leave SellOn after dealing with it.